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US Holiday Habits: Dining Out for the Holidays

Dining out in the US is on the rise, particularly during holiday season. While it’s true most spend Thanksgiving in a home environment, there are still many opportunities for restaurants to entice guests to dine with them. When it comes to dining out during the holiday season, Americans have some interesting holiday habits.

Dining Out for the Holidays

  1. Bigger dining parties

During the holidays, most dining parties in the US have up to five more guests. It’s not just families flying in for holidays and going out to dinner in larger groups than usual, but also corporate groups with celebrations. The holidays are a time of gathering and restaurants are wise to ensure they can accommodate larger parties by rearranging tables or having private rooms for reserve.

  1. They love holiday menus

That good, old “limited edition” is a huge motivator on menus anywhere in the US. Most people are twice as likely to order it and what’s more, are more likely to return several times to have it again before it’s gone. Seasonal ingredients like pumpkin or gingerbread are always a huge draw.

Dining Out

  1. Lunch on Black Friday is big business

Many Americans frown down upon Black Friday because it means hard-working people have to work instead of being with their own families. However, just as many are still entrenched in the post-Thanksgiving shopping tradition. All that shopping means hungry guests who are enjoying the high from spending and don’t want to go home to eat leftovers for lunch.

  1. They seek out dining bonuses

As the holidays are a big time of spending and reveling in the spirit of the season, many Americans look for dining promotions that give them something more. A prime example is a free entrée with the purchase of one entrée. Getting more of what you want for less is a high motivator for dining out during the holidays.

  1. They get more time together

Restaurants in America can easily gather more revenue by appealing to busy families who don’t want to cook or clean up after a big holiday meal. By offering catering and carry-out options, many Americans are getting that perfect experience of dining out without having to transport the family somewhere, which is ideal for those that want to imbibe a lot or have small children. The surge in dining during the holidays is also attributed to those who just don’t want to cook or entertain, allowing them to do it at a restaurant.

  1. More dessert, please

Those dining out during the holidays in America are much more likely to indulge. That goes for appetizers, and it especially applies to desserts. With restaurants getting smart to the trend, they often include these options added on to a pricier plate because most diners are willing to spend more during this very special time of year.

As the holidays are very special in America with so many people celebrating so many different things, they all have one thing in common which is the desire to spend it with the people that mean the most while indulging in the very best.

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