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What is your relationship with food?

A famous quote by therapist Esther Perel says,”The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.” Our connections in this world are of different kinds, for example, some of us have romantic partnerships others not, most of us, however, have several professional relationships and friendships.

Our key relationship with food!

And, then there is one key relationship that we all have across the board and it is one that we need to navigate carefully, masterfully and joyfully for our own survival and well-being. So what is it? It is our key relationship with food! Every person on planet earth needs to learn how to manage this relationship and self-direct themselves consistently for success. And, as in anything else for humans, we need to keep in mind that our emotions tend to override logic most of the time if not always.

Apple love

So how would you describe your relationship with food? Giving it a name helps to clarify what it is and what, if anything, needs to change. Is it a relationship based on mutual respect and support, a healthy partnership, or a love-hate, codependent, slave-master, addictive, out of control one?

And, as in any relationship, the first step to healing is to know that you have the power to change, the power is not outside you, it is within you! So many people currently struggle with food issues like too much eating, too much wasting, and developing allergic reactions, for example, due to consuming GMOs and chemicals. These are examples of unhealthy relationships.

However, we can heal ourselves by making different choices each day, each time you decide to eat something, say to yourself, “ I may “like/love” this food or even be addicted to it, but does this food really love me back or will it harm me? The choices we make every day (at the supermarket, at restaurants, at takeaways) can take us on a path of peace, joy and good health at any age and it can also positively impact the direction of human life as a whole. Please let’s love ourselves enough and remember to love the generous and kind Mother Earth, it is a living being and it is our home.

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Action point: Let’s take daily positive well-being steps, regarding our food choices and water intake, and know that all steps, big or tiny, matter. We all matter. The state of our Mother Earth matters. And, importantly, let’s remember to forgive ourselves if we go off track from time to time, we all do, the important things is to find our way back consistently.

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Tasneem Ahmad
Tasneem Ahmad
Tasneem Ahmad originally comes from Lahore, a city in the Northeastern region ok Pakistani that is about 50 km west of the Indian city of Amritsar. She loves healthy living, cooking delicious and nutritious food and teaching people that Indian-Pakistani cuisine is easy and fun to prepare. Other passions include travel, discovering new cultures, yoga, ayurveda and designing products that blend East and West. A Canadian citizen, Tasneem has been living in Zurich, Switzerland for the last ten years. She has been working in financial services and management consulting for the last eighteen years. Her work experience includes work for large global corporations such as the Royal Bank of Canada, KPMG and UBS. With her international background and professional experience, she has lived or worked in Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Switzerland. She wrote a book (bilingual in English and German) on Indian-Pakistani cuisine several years ago that won an award at the Paris cookbook Fair / Gourmand and received excellent reviews in newspapers and magazines in Switzerland, including one from the prestigious Co-op supermarket: “TASNEEM’S INDIAN-PAKISTANI CUISINE MADE EASY”


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