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What to eat in Norway

One time Norway was considered a provincial country and, to some extent, envied other countries that could afford a variety of culinary experiments. Norwegian cuisine is quite distinctive and unique, as it is formed in the conditions of the country’s inaccessibility and harsh climatic conditions..
Let’s see what is interesting in Norway cuisine, what dishes are worth to try and take home from the trip.

It can be said that Norway made a culinary revolution, thanks to which today local residents are proud of their national culinary traditions. Of course, the main diet of Norwegians is fish and seafood dishes. However, be prepared for the fact that the taste of herring in Norway is unusually sweet.
The attitude to food in the country is simple – it is a way to get energy. However, special attention is paid to the quality and composition of the products, often not paying attention to culinary delights.


Forikol which literally means “mutton in cabbage” is one of the most famous dishes of Norwegian cuisine. Consisting of pieces of mutton with bone, cabbage and black pepper it is cooked in casserole for several hours. According to historical tradition, this dish of Norwegian Vikings usually is cooked in September, when the “season of young mutton” begins. The last Thursday of September in Norway is considered the national day of foricola. This dish has rich taste, especially on the second day after cooking.


Aquavit is a national Scandinavian alcoholic drink which contains 37-50% alcohol by volume. It is also called “water of life” or “live water” for its undeniable healing qualities. It is distilled from either grain or potatoes and flavoured with herbs and spices. And this is how Norwegian moonshine is made at home.
For export, this drink is prepared in a different way. The main feature is that Aquavit is placed in oak barrels and transported from the southern hemisphere to the northern, then back to the southern. During this time, moonshine absorbs oak aroma, acquires a special taste and a yellowish tint. Information on the ship that transported the drink must be put on the label for the bottle. Use it slightly warm.
Herbs and spices specially selected for this set allow you to recreate a classic Aquavit with a characteristic fresh aroma and spicy taste in your home environment. Before drinking, it is recommended to freeze to 17-18 ° C.

Fish Market in Bergen

The picturesque Fish Market in Bergen is one of Norway’s most visited outdoors markets. The Fish Market sells seafood, fruit and vegetables. The Fish Market has a charming location in the heart of the city between the fjords and Bergen’s 7 mountains. The Fish Market in Bergen has since the 1200s been a meeting place for merchants and fishermen.

Norwegian cuisine is unique and original, undoubtedly deserving close culinary attention, as it is based on healthy and high-quality products.

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