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Where to Eat Best Tacos in San Diego

When it comes to San Diego, the first food that comes to mind is taco without a doubt. Although tacos are a traditional Mexican dish, they are now almost a symbol of San Diego. In fact if you’re visiting San Diego and haven’t tried a few tacos, your visit is not really complete.

Well then, where to eat the best tacos in San Diego? The list we have created below can give you an idea. If you have experience with restaurants on this list, please share your  experiences and vote to help build the top restaurants ranking.

1. City Tacos

City Tacos

They use the famous Cardiff Crack Tri-Tip steak in their tacos and burritos. Meat' seafood and veggie tacos as well as burritos, bowls, breakfast, quesadillas, nachos are also available on their menus. Crack Taco Shop offer homemade corn tortillas, beer, wine, sangria and specialty Micheladas.

City Tacos just recently opened its seventh location in downtown San Diego—the brand currently has six outposts in the neighborhoods of North Park, La Mesa, Sorrento Valley, Imperial Beach, Encinitas, and Pacific Beach.

City TacosCity TacosCity Tacos Carnitas 1 1City Tacos


7. Taco Surf Pacific Beach

Taco Surf

Taco Surf Pacific Beach is known for their quality Mexican Food and also for their extensive surfboard collection.

The carne asada is one of the best sellers at Taco Surf. They use top sirloin and cook each one to order. The meat never sits after it is cooked. Tortilla soup is one of the favorites also, the tomato broth has a nice piquant flavor, you can choose fresh grilled chicken or shrimp.  They offer beef, chicken or potato rolled tacos.  Their guacamole is made with Haas Avocados, and it has no fillers, it is all vegetable. Taco Surf Pacific Beach offer Monday through Friday specials. Taco Tuesday and Taco Thursday are the most popular.

4657 Mission Blvd
San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 272-3877

9. Taqueria Revolucion

Taqueria Revolucion

At Taqueria Revolución, every taco and tortilla is made to order using all fresh and never frozen ingredients. Taqueria Revolución bring the street taco taste and exquisite experience to San Diego was born.

The name takes after Tijuana’s infamous Boulevard Revolución, also known as “La Revo”, worldly renowned as a nightlife destination and where a night of fun and dancing typically ends at a taco stand, dozens of which are found at every street corner. Taqueria Revolución offers the casually unique experience on the U.S. side of the border, while staying true to its roots.

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