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With a fork in one hand and a pen in the other, let’s dive in: ​Artie’s Hometown Diner

Artie’s Hometown Diner is a quaint restaurant in Pulaski, NY. Walking through Pulaski is a dream come true for those that love small towns, which I do! My husband and I stumbled upon Pulaski a few years back while vacationing in Orwell, NY. During our trip, we found ourselves craving breakfast out. Pulaski seemed to be the closest option. So, we drove down the curvy, country roads between our cottage and the town. Once inside, we sought out a little diner and as luck would have it, we found Artie’s. Artie’s Hometown Diner is by far the best diner we have ever been to! We were blown away by the locals, the cozy small-town atmosphere, and of course the food! As proof of our admiration, we returned for our honeymoon last year in an effort to recapture the magic Pulaski (and Artie’s) left on us. They cast a spell on us from the first moment we arrived and we will forever be under it.


Insider scoop from the owners

I had the pleasure of communicating with Maria, one of the owners, and she was kind enough to share their story with me.

Maria informed me that this had been a diner even before she and Art bought it. The locals referred to it as “the place to be” especially if they wanted to play pool or enjoy the old-time soda fountain. Art and Maria moved to the Pulaski area 12 years ago when Art was relocated for work and as an added bonus they were able to be closer to his mother. Even with the move, Art still had to commute to and from work which meant a lot of time away from his family.

Their first attempt at buying the diner from the previous owner, Kathy, was unsuccessful as she was not quite ready to sell. The pair then opened a diner in Lacona which remained open for two years. However, Art still had his commute keeping him away from home much of the time. Two weeks after closing their doors and moving back to town, their luck began to change! Kathy was ready to sell and as Maria explains, 10 months later they had taken over Artie’s diner.

Maria then tells me about how this has changed things for the whole family, “People ask us all the time how it is to work together, our response is we spent 4 years pretty much being apart so we really appreciate the fact that we get to do this together. Art missed basically 4 years of our youngest son’s life. Something he can’t get back, but now we close early, except Friday’s, he can go to every sporting event Sammy has and enjoy our family”.


The Atmosphere at Artie’s

Artie’s is located on Jefferson Street in Pulaski, NY. It is one of the many businesses attached side by side in that charming small-town way. The inside is quaintly decorated in the “country star” theme combined with local charm and wood accents. You can choose to sit at booths, tables with chairs, or you may even get lucky enough to nab a counter seat. Hanging on the walls you will find a collection of vintage and modern decor pieces including black and white photos of local life, paintings, and other appropriate wall decor. The service is wonderful and attentive, even during peak hours. Depending on the seat, you may be able to watch the kitchen staff hard at work through the pass. Artie’s Hometown Diner is open 6 am to 2:30 pm every day, except on Fridays when they stay open till 8 pm.

The Food at Artie’s

Breakfasts at Artie’s are impeccable. Their menu is extensive and includes omelets, French toast, pancakes, and eggs. They also offer specialty sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, and wraps. For me, the specials menu is a must-try! The biscuits and gravy are downright delicious! The biscuits are made in house and the gravy is perfectly thick and seasoned.

The eggs benedict should also be found on the specials menu. I had never tried this dish anywhere else before, but I loved it! The sauce is homemade and creamy. Both of these dishes are truly made with love!


Their other fabulous breakfast items include toast (made from your choice of their homemade or regular bread), home fries, bacon, and coffee. The home fries are beautifully seasoned and cooked to perfection!

My Final Recommendation

I definitely recommend checking out Artie’s Hometown Dinner if you’re ever in the Pulaski area. They serve out of this world breakfasts for fair prices and great service. This is a small town diner with all the charms that are not to be missed!


4860 N Jefferson StPulaski, New York


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Bailey Woodean
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