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With a fork in one hand and a pen in the other, let’s dive in: Sprague’s Maple Farms

Sprague’s is a maple syrup farm and restaurant. This is a family-owned business that serves breakfast all day long! They also serve lunch and dinner meals throughout the day. Sprague’s is located in Portville, NY. My family and I drive down every first weekend in December. We stop here for breakfast on our way to pick out our Christmas Tree. It has become a tradition since my son was born.

The company started more than forty years ago with Randy Sprague’s hobby of sugarin’. The hobby grew into a full-fledged business which today is called Sprague’s Maple Farms. The restaurant and pancake house serves a full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, many of which are maple-infused. The restaurant also offers a retail/gift shop where you can purchase an assortment of maple products, crafty decor pieces, and so much more!


The Restaurant and Pancake House Sprague’s restaurant is decorated to resemble a lodge in the mountains. There are an assortment of animals stuffed and mounted to the walls and ceiling. There is a gorgeous fireplace that burns and adds to the woodsy ambiance.

The restaurant does not typically accept reservations but, they could accommodate a large crowd based on the size of the dining room. However, they can be quite busy and would likely appreciate a courtesy call before should up with a large crowd. Although, they do offer reservations in the event of groups having 20 or more diners. In fact, they do this on Mondays through Thursdays and they may arrange a tour of the facility for these groups.

As previously mentioned, my family and I drive down to Sprague’s every first weekend in December. We leave early in the morning so that we can take the two and a half-hour drive to Sprague’s. We stop here and enjoy a delicious meal together as a family. Then, we trek to a Christmas tree farm to pick out our Christmas trees. The restaurant and pancake house is open every day at 8 am, they close at 8 pm Sunday through Thursday but are open till 9 on Fridays and Saturdays.

The instant you walk into the building you are overcome with a mouthwatering maple smell. The scent of fresh maple syrup completely engulfs this establishment in the very best way! It is a perfect addition to a cool December morning. The maple flavor that Sprague’s is famous for can be found in a variety of their foods and dishes including but not limited to:

  • Milkshakes
  • Fudge
  • Sausage
  • Salad dressing
  • And much more!

Some of the popular dishes for breakfast here at Sprague’s include:

  • Deep-fried French toast and stuffed French toast
  • Belgian waffles
  • Omelets
  • Pancakes
  • Corned beef hash and eggs
  • Country gravy and biscuits

Some great lunch options include:

  • Burgers
  • Pulled pork BBQ sandwich
  • BLT

Finally, there are many delicious dinner choices including:

  • Maple glazed salmon
  • Maple bourbon street sirloin steak
  • Friday fish fry with buttermilk battered fish

How is the maple syrup made?

Sprague’s Maple Farms begins the process by tapping sugar maple trees. The time for collecting the sap is between February and March. This is a very short and intense collection period. Interestingly enough, one gallon of maple syrup is made after 40 gallons of sap is collected and boiled. The sap will need to go to the evaporator. Here, the water in the sap will be evaporated as the sap will enter two pans and finally be transformed into quality maple syrup. Once the sap is made into syrup, it is packaged and labeled with the Sprague’s family label.

If you are ever in the Allegheny Mountain region, you should stop here at Sprague’s Maple Farms for a delicious meal! Don’t forget to gaze at the beautiful scenery surrounding the restaurant and visit the animals on the grounds!


1048 Portville Obi Rd  Portville, NY 14770


Sprague’s Maple Farms Website


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Bailey Woodean
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