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Yo! Sushi: The Conveyor-Belt Dining Experience You’ve Been Waiting For

What you may not know about your dining experiences in America is that you’ve been sorely missing out. Despite the relative newness of the conveyor belt dining experience in America, this practice has been at work in other countries – usually in metropolitan areas – for quite some time now.

Conveyor belt at Yo sushi by wyzik in Soho
Conveyor belt at Yo! sushi in Soho SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons

The particular conveyor belt style restaurant that I want to look at is an establishment called YO! Sushi. If you’re intrigued by the idea of a conveyor belt service restaurant, and you already have a love for sushi and Japanese food, then you’re in luck. YO! Sushi planted its roots in the Soho area of London, UK in the late 1990s. And now? This restaurant chain lays claim to nearly 100 locations around the world.

What distinguishes the YO!

What distinguishes the YO! Sushi experience from other sushi experiences (and other dining experiences in general) is the method of providing what seems like endless options to customers as they ride by on a conveyor belt past your table. This might sound like a strange method of sushi delivery to those who are accustomed to eating sushi as a fine dining experience. But this dining experience is really unique.

Yo Sushi in Manchester
Yo! Sushi in Manchester SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons

You get to sit at your table and choose what you want without really having to wait. Technically speaking, you could choose a dish as soon as you take your seat, given the fact that the food passing you is ready to eat. You also get to avoid the discomfort or regular awkwardness of interacting with a waiter, if you’re wanting a more intimate experience at your table.


The way these belts work is by constantly moving and constantly providing a host of sushi, ramen, and other Japanese options. If you see what you like, you simply pick it up, and that’s the meal you’ll be billed for. You can get an idea of the price range for the dishes that pass you based on a color-coded system. And if you’re not satisfied with the options? No problem. You can also order off of a special menu.

This restaurant experience is certainly unlike any other. And if you’re environmentally conscious or have ethical concerns about the food you eat, then you’ll probably be happy to hear that YO! Sushi is, too. Not only do you have the option to choose from a menu of over 35 vegan dishes and six vegetarian dishes; you can also be assured that you’re getting quality ingredients in your food. They pride themselves in their commitment to only serving species of tuna that are not endangered. They’re also fully committed to using free range eggs and egg products. They even make sure to keep their Japanese products totally authentic!

So, yes, it’s not your typical sushi restaurant experience. But you know going into this experience that it’s not supposed to be some ritzy night out at a bar-only sushi restaurant. The prices are pretty reasonable, too. If you’re looking for a unique meal experience, look no further. The next time you travel, find out where you can reach a YO! Sushi.

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Hannah Wyatt
Hannah Wyatt
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