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8 magical beauty uses of cucumber 

The ancient cucumber has been popular with women as a face mask and is very rich in moisture, antioxidants, and a perfect pH balance with your skin. Cucumber miraculously reduces the eyelid and is known as an effective facial skin-soothing and anti-aging active. Make your own face with a cucumber through these ways. 1....


The brightest greetings to you all food lovers. Yet another month and another food magazine issue with great topics. Actually, it is my favorite one so far. COFFEE Who doesn’t like it and who doesn’t drink it? It is a great start to a new day, a great excuse to meet up a friend, and a great reason to stop for a well deserved break. So we will be talking about coffee from all over the world. We are not forgetting to talk about foods and their health benefits. Yogurt is the one of them. It is an ancient food with uncountable benefits. Also, Linh Quy had a very nice article for you about other super delicious health crazy foods such as carrots, eggs, watermelon and many more. Lets wake up a new day with a glowing skin without any dark circles around the eyes and healthy body. One of the exciting parts of this month’s issue is the mouth-watering recipes. You will find the top 10 best garlic recipes and another 10 most popular fish recipes. They all look very yummy. Also do not forget to check on Jessie Newton’s article. You might get some inspiration to match your delicious foods with a fine bottle of wine to complete your dining experience. Enjoy it and see you on our next exciting adventure. GULCAN GOK TUZCU

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