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6 Places to Find the Best Chicken Wings on the East Coast

Whether enjoyed in a restaurant or at home on the night of the big game, chicken wings are sure to be a favorite however they are eaten. Flats, drums, and whole wings can be ordered at almost any dining establishment across the country. The flavor options and customization levels of chicken wings vary depending on where you go, but today I am going to focus on the East Coast. Please feel free to leave a comment/suggestion down below for any places/areas on the East Coast that I did not cover. I would love to hear about the best places to get chicken wings where you all are from! Without further ado, I present to you six places, in my opinion, that offer the best wings on the East Coast!

 J Timothy’s Taverne (Plainville, Connecticut)

 J Timothy’s Taverne

J Timothy’s Taverne in Plainville, Connecticut is known for having “dirt style” wings. “Dirt style” wings are wings that are sauced and fried, and then once again sauced and fried. This technique really caramelizes the wings and makes them nice and crispy. This is a personal favorite method of cooking for me. Pretty much the only flavor of wings at J Timothy’s Taverne that is not made using “dirt style” is their dry rub wings. If you are ever in the Plainville area, definitely stop by J Timothy’s Taverne!

Stanley’s Tavern (Wilmington, Delaware)

Stanley’s Tavern

Starting up way back in 1935, Stanley’s Tavern has offered a broad selection of food and drink. As the years have continued on and their menu has continued to broaden, the wings have remained one of their staples. Available in mild, hot, suicide, and BBQ, these wings truly are hard to beat. The overall quality and crispiness of the wings is why I chose Stanley’s Tvaern to be a part of this list.

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q (Atlanta, Georgia)

Fox Bros

John and Justin Fox opened up this establishment in August of 2007 and have amassed a great amount of success and loyal customers. This is yet another eatery that specializes in more than just wings, yet the wings served here are still one of the top stars on the menu. The wings served at Fox Bros. are hickory smoked as opposed to fried, which give them that distinct smoky flavor that you get from a backyard barbecue. Available in orders of  six, twelve, and twenty-four wings, you would be getting more than your money’s worth in my opinion.

Domu (Orlando, Florida)


This Asian fusion restaurant in Orlando has several rather unique dishes to offer, from their own twists on ramen to their many sandwiches and rice bowl. The wings, without a doubt, are the star of the menu to me. The wings at Domu come in an order of six, and they are fried to become extra crispy. To top it all off, they are coated in a nice Kimchi butter sauce, which is one of my favorite touches that Domu applies to their wings. If you are ever in Orlando or happen to live there and have not been here yet, definitely stop by Domu if you want a unique and exquisite order of chicken wings.

302 West Smokehouse and Tavern (Fryeburg, Maine)

302 West Smokehouse

Comfort food with exceedingly high quality is the name of the game at 302 West Smokehouse and Tavern. They aim to recreate the feel of Southern BBQ and they certainly do not fall short. Their nachos, BBQ sandwiches, and steaks are definitely some of the top dogs but this is another establishment where the chicken wings really get the job done. Fried and served alongside celery, carrots, and blue cheese, the wings come in a select number of flavors as well. There is the forever classic Buffalo, another classic in BBQ, and then the remaining Honey Sriracha, Teriyaki, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Jamaican Jerk. My favorites are definitely Jamaican Jerk and Sea Salt & Vinegar. I love Sea Salt & Vinegar potato chips so I was excited to try it as a wing flavor and I was pleasantly surprised! I would highly recommend having lunch or dinner here if you are in the area!

Smoke BBQ (Charleston, South Carolina)

Smoke BBQ

Smoke BBQ in Charleston, South Carolina is another phenomenal restaurant that specializes in barbecue and smoked food. There are many beautiful places to visit in the city of Charleston, so why not stop by Smoke BBQ for some top-notch eats? Their tradition barbecue menu is made complete by the smoked wings, in my opinion. They can be ordered in half or full dozen quantities and served with Smoke’s delicious house sauce. When it comes to genuine southern barbecue and smoked wings, there are almost no rivals to Smoke BBQ!

As previously stated, I would love to hear about any BBQ joints or just any eatery where you can find the best chicken wings! I would love to hear from you guys and add on to the list!

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