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Frankie’s Pizza and Donuts

With the chaotic restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, reviewing restaurants has been very difficult. Many of them are closed, have limited hours, or do not deliver to my area and they also do not allow dining in so going out to eat isn’t an option. However, through the chaos, I managed to find this little hole in the wall restaurant.

Frankie’s Pizza and Donuts is located at 717 Portage road here in Niagara Falls, NY. They serve everything from breakfast items, donuts, pizza, subs, and salads. My family and I had ordered from them on Thanksgiving day about two years ago. It may not be our regular go-to restaurant in the area, but I think this time may have swayed us!

The pizza

Frankie’s Pizza

My husband decided he wanted to order a half tray of cheese pizza. This was also our order two thanksgiving’s ago. The dough is pretty good. It’s soft but tasty and it is substantial enough to support the ingredients that Frankie’s offers. The sauce was quite sweet.

Too sweet for my taste but they proportioned the amount of sauce well for the pie size. The cheese was cooked perfectly for us and tasted great. The cost of the half tray of just cheese pizza was about $11 before taxes and fees. The cost would increase with each additional topping, or for a larger size pizza.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t choose Frankie’s Pizza and Donuts if we were looking to order pizza. But, I would keep them on my list of places for other items (i.e. The subs and sides).

The subs

The subs

I already knew that I wouldn’t want to join my husband in eating the cheese pizza, so I chose to try a different menu item. The steak and cheese sub! The sub roll was tasty. It wasn’t soggy from the ingredients and it tasted great! I would also say that its smaller size was proportionate to the ingredients inside. The veggies which included lettuce, tomato, and onion were typical at best. The tomatoes and onions were crisp and fresh which added welcome flavor to the sub.

However, the lettuce was wilted and added nothing to the texture or flavor of the sub. The cheese was perfectly melted and I was happy with the amount of cheese on the sub considering its size. Finally, the steak was surprisingly satisfying. The steak was flavorful, cooked well, not dried out, and best of all there weren’t any hard unappealing grizzly pieces. The cost was pretty comparable to surrounding pizza and sub places (possibly a little cheaper than surrounding restaurants) at $9.25 for a large sub.

Overall, I would probably keep Frankie’s Pizza and Donuts on my list of sub restaurants.

The sides

onion rings

Frankie’s Pizza and Donuts offers a variety of sides but, I was in the mood for onion rings! The onion rings were probably my favorite part of this order. They were so perfectly crispy, flavorful, and delicious! The price was really great. For a serving size of about 15 large onion rings, I only paid $3.99! I would happily choose Frankie’s Pizza and Donuts for the onion rings alone!

My final recommendation

If you were in a pinch and looking for a local place to order food from then I would recommend Frankie’s Pizza and Donuts. While I have yet to try their breakfast items or donuts, I can say that the food is overall pretty good and decently priced. If you don’t like pizza with sweet red sauce then I would avoid it here, but I would feel confident in recommending the other menu items such as the subs and sides!

Frankie’s Pizza and Donuts
address717 Portage Road, Niagara Falls, New York 14301, United States
telephone+1 716-285-7494

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Bailey Woodean
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