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Snails of Saigon’s Street Food

Ho Chi Minh City has traditionally been one of the most popular destinations for street cuisine in Southeast Asia. The finest Saigon culinary scene is made up of street food, particularly the myriad dishes made with snails.

Snails of Saigon's Street Food

Snails are not only a snack for the people of Saigon, but they can also be used to replace lunch and dinner. Snail are typically open from the afternoon until late at night. When the streetlights come on, it’s also time for folks to say hello and invite each other to the snail store for a discussion. Snails have become a fascinating gastronomic treat of Saigon people at night, with simply a popular stroller and a few of sets of tables and seats.

Saigon snails are diverse, despite the fact that it is not a coastal area. In this lovely environment, it appears that all types of snails are accessible, from the common to regional delicacies. Which are the snails, snails, rice snails, snails, snails, snails… or even all types of snails with names like nail snail, breast snail… But that’s not all; most Saigon snail know how to keep customers by offering a varied menu of stir-fried coconut, grilled… Oysters, squid, chem carp, yellow snapper, and other seafood dishes contribute to the embellishment. to this gastronomic delight


Below is a fast list of some of Ho Chi Minh’s most popular snail meals, with the original Vietnamese titles included so you know what to order.

Oc mong tay xao rau muong nam 2016 6
Phương Huy, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ốc Móng Tay Xào Rau Muống, Xào Tỏi, Xào Mì (Razor clam fried with water spinach)

This type of clam is typically thin, long, and chewy, but it has a lot of flavor. Razor clams are typically served steamed in Halong Bay, but they’re stir-fried with water spinach and garlic in Saigon, creating an earthy yet delectable dish.

So huyet rang me

Sò Huyết xào me (Cockle fried with tamarind)

It is true that not everyone in Vietnam enjoys the taste of cockles. Many people, however, believe that cockles are the king of all snails and clams. To create this Saigon speciality, the cockles will be cooked before being combined with tamarind sauce, oil, and coriander over a low flame. As they contain a significant quantity of iron element good for your health, the dish has a natural freshness and a bit earthy at first taste.

Sò Điệp Nướng Mỡ Hành (Scallops grilled with onion)

In street cuisine, the scallop is considered one of the “luxurious” foods. Scallops are difficult to get by and come in little amounts. Scallops will be boiled before being roasted over charcoal. After that, each scallop will be dusted with the onion oil mixture. The delicious aroma of this meal will make you hungry the moment you smell it!

Nghêu Hấp Sả (Clams steamed with lemongrass )

When discussing snails in Saigon’s cuisine culture, this is a dish that must be mentioned. Fresh clams that are black, white, or occasionally brown will be boiled with lemongrass. The actual cooking time is less than 5 minutes, and after all of the clams have been opened, it’s time to eat! Ngao hap sa, as easy as it seems, allows you to taste the salty sweetness of a freshly caught clam. Take a slurp of the broth if you want to dine like a local!

A rustic and simple Saigon through dishes of snails

It can be said that Saigon snail has gathered the idyllic and rustic like the people here, but it is delicate and creative in processing and flavor.

Walking around the street at night, the image of tables gathered around a plate of hot snails and shellfish has become all too familiar.

Saigon people consider snails as a spiritual life that helps them dispel the busyness and hustle of life.

And because of that richness and uniqueness, no one will have any reason to hesitate but refuse an invitation to eat snails, enjoy a popular but unique culinary culture of Saigon.

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