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Street Food in Brazil

Brazilian cuisine is meat, seafood and mouth-watering street food. National dishes in the country are not prepared for the sake of tourists – local residents themselves willingly absorb them. So feel free to eat in eateries or buy street food. The restaurants cook the same thing, just serve more beautiful. We will tell you that every meal is worth a try in Brazil.

Pastel | Pastel

Brazilian pastels are popular street food that is traded in markets and catering establishments known as pastelaria. This is a chubby fried pie with hearty filling. Thin dough, crispy golden crust, juicy filling: they are always in great demand. Popular fillings are grilled minced meat, viscous cream cheese, chicken with vegetables, salted palm kernel, mini shrimp. Try the Brazilian dessert pastel: banana-chocolate, with sweet cheese or guava jam. Pies are best served with fresh vegetables or fruits to slightly smooth the fat content. Juices, coconut water, Brazilian beer also cope with this with a bang.

Feijoada | Feijoada

Tourists consider it their duty to try this dish in Brazil. Here feijoada is the same as borsch in Ukraine or pilaf in Uzbekistan. The pride of local cuisine is prepared in restaurants and street cafes. Pieces of fried pork, minced sausages, black beans, spicy rice – the food turns out to be fragrant, hearty, not greasy. A simple feijoad recipe includes porcelain – fried cassava flour. She is responsible for the unique viscous stew. For piquancy, the cook puts spices and a pinch of cayenne pepper in a dish. The classic feijoade snack is a slice of orange.

Moqueca | Mokeka

Of the national soups in Brazil, you should try a thick seafood stew. The composition of the soup resembles vatapá stew described above. However, the moka is served without rice, and there are more vegetables in it. Tomatoes, onions, herbs, fish slices, shrimps are boiled in coconut milk with coriander and lime juice. If you have tried Thai Tom Yam soup and can imagine it mild, then you already know what the taste of moqueca stew tastes like. In Brazil, you can order this soup without seafood with chicken – also interesting.

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