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The Healthiest Ways to Quickly Cook Nutritious Recipes

Most of us look for the healthiest ways to quickly cook our food since time and life always seem to work against us. Yet you can sometimes struggle to develop fast food that tastes good while staying away from processed goods you can microwave for 4 minutes. Fortunately, you probably already have everything you need to cook quickly. Almost every recipe can be cooked with a different method depending on your needs.

The Healthiest Ways to Quickly Cook
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Useful Gadgets for the Healthiest Ways to Quickly Cook

When it comes to the kitchen, there is no shortage of gadgets. There are prep tools, batch processing aids, and safety devices. For actually cooking recipes, most people still perfect the oven and hob. Yet there are some handy gadgets apart from the microwave that makes cooking quick and easy.

Nutritious fast food is on hand with the right gadgets, from the smallest panini maker to the largest air fryer. Most modern convenience devices are designed with health and nutrition in mind. Fat and oil drainage, griddling and minimal oil requirements are standard with such devices.

Pans with Drainage

Speaking of drainage, you should drain as much fat and oil as possible when cooking. Therefore it is advised that you use a griddle pan when flash-frying meats such as pork chops, steaks, and chicken breasts. As even meat with low-fat amounts will accumulate harmful oils in the pan.

Drainage allows you to control the amount of oil in your final recipe as you cook. This will help if you are currently on a low-fat diet or monitoring your trans fat intake. In addition, your food won’t be greasy and heavy as fat accumulates under the meat.

Rack Tray Baking

Another trick to reduce the amount of data in a finished recipe is to cook foods on a rack so that fats and oil drip underneath. Cooking like this is an excellent alternative to pan-frying and will drain most fat from a piece of meat or fish.

For example, foods high in fat, such as bacon, will leave an oily residue in the pan as they cook, causing the meat to accumulate more fat for consumption. This method is also excellent for roasting meats, where you want minimal fat, more flavor, and juices for a gravy.

Boiling and Steaming

You can get a lot of flavor from vegetables by cooking them in a skillet or a griddle similar to meat. Asparagus is a perfect example. Yet the quickest, easiest way is to simply boil or steam in a pan. Most vegetables cook in no time at all, and this can be reduced by chopping into similar-sized chunks. 

Conversely, meats you might otherwise grill or fry can also be boiled or steamed. For example, delicious salmon and chicken breast are excellent when gently boiled or steamed, and cooking them this way locks in a lot of nutrients and flavor. As long as you don’t overcook them.

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Grilling and broiling foods are two of the best methods of achieving maximum flavor.
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Grill and Broil

Grilling and broiling foods are two of the best methods of achieving maximum flavor. Yet, they are also excellent for locking in nutrients. Exposure to maximum direct heat ensures that juices are sealed in and fat is adequately cooked. This keeps foods like steaks juicy and tasty. 

Yet grilling and broiling are usually done over a rack. Therefore any excess fats and oils are drained from the meats. This makes them a little healthier. And you can further cut the fat from foods by trimming excess fat layers such as the surrounding of a pork chop.

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