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Ceres Bakery

Ceres Bakery is a golden ticket in Portsmouth. This bakery not only serves the best lunches in town for everyone on the go, but they have insanely good baked goods. It is a small place but gorgeous, and they are one of the best spots to go for tea time.

There is no doubt that if you’re visiting Portsmouth New Hampshire, you will walk up and down Penhallow street, looking at the buildings’ amazing architecture while walking on a brick road. It is a small street that you can walk up and down in just a few minutes. However, there is one place you must try, and that is this superb bakery.

They make everything early in the morning. You can tell that everything is made with the best ingredients, and with all the love and patience, the team can muster up at 3 am. Ceres Bakery is open for breakfast and lunch. Unfortunately, if you’re later in the afternoon, you may miss their fantastic menu options.

A Bright Blue Building in The Middle of Portsmouth

The first thing you will notice about this quaint bakery is that it is bright blue in a mostly cement and red city. The second thing you will see is that there is beautiful ivy growing up the sides of the wall, and it will entice you inside. Once you walk in, you will notice a few tables next to the windows, and a back room where you can enjoy your lunch. The farthest from the tables is a case filled with baked goods, right behind that, you will see the bakery and if you’re lucky you can watch them bake all of the fresh goodies that come out of their kitchen.

Ceres Bakery: What to Try

Every day they come up with special lunch menus. Everything is made that day, and it’s never the same unless it is a local favorite. The bakers and chefs like to mix it up and always keep a good mix in their menu. On top of their delicious lunch special, you should try a few things when stopping in.

•    Raspberry Muffins– These are soft on the inside and crunchy on the top. The raspberries are tart, but the sweetness of the bread balances out rather nicely. It is not too sweet, but not too sour. They hardly ever have any leftovers when they bake these muffins.

•    Lemon Tart– This is a perfectly cut square, with a sweet crust but a super tart lemon filling. It is sprinkled in powdered sugar. This is a treat that is a must-have if you love a fresh lemony taste in the mornings. It goes great with black tea or mint tea.

•    Devilsfood Cake– This cake is rich, creamy, and incredibly moist. It holds its texture well and is iced with a chocolate buttercream that is thick but easy to eat. The texture of the cake is slightly crumbly, but every single bite holds its hydration well.

•    Carrot Cake– A cake that is hard to beat, it is definitely an acquired taste. This cake is made with freshly grated carrots and chopped walnuts, giving it the perfect crunch. There is a lovely layer apricot preserves that are perfectly sweet and fruity. On the top is the yummiest cream cheese frosting you will ever taste.

Ceres Bakery is known for some fantastic food and midday desserts. No matter what you try, there will be no disappointments. You can enjoy outdoor seating in beautiful lawn chairs, or take your dessert down the street to walk and eat. This is one of the best places to go to get a cup of coffee and a treat!

address51 Penhallow St, Portsmouth, NH 03801
telephone+1 603-436-6518

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